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What Happens in CKD

Causes of CKD

How Bad is It?

Is There Any Hope?

Acute Kidney Injury



Phosphorus Control


(High Blood Pressure)



Potassium Imbalances

Pyelonephritis (Kidney Infections) and Urinary Tract Infections NEW

Metabolic Acidosis

Kidney Stones



Nausea, Vomiting, Appetite Loss and Excess Stomach Acid

Maintaining Hydration

The B Vitamins (Including Methylcobalamin)




Ways of Assessing Food Content, Including What is Dry Matter Analysis

How to Use the Food Data Tables

USA Canned Food Data

USA Dry Food Data

USA Cat Food Brands: Helpfulness Ratings

USA Cat Food Brands: Contact Details

USA Food Data Book



Coping with CKD

Tanya's Support Group

Success Stories



Important: Crashing

Alphabetical List of Symptoms and Treatments

Fluid and Urinary  Imbalances (Dehydration, Overhydration and Urinary Issues)

Waste Product Regulation Imbalances (Vomiting, Appetite Loss, Excess Stomach Acid, Gastro-intestinal Problems, Mouth Ulcers Etc.)

Phosphorus and Calcium Imbalances

Miscellaneous Symptoms (Pain, Hiding Etc.)



Early Detection

Blood Chemistry: Kidney Function, Potassium, Other Tests (ALT, Amylase, (Cholesterol, Etc.)

Calcium, Phosphorus, Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Red and White Blood Cells: Anaemia and Infection

Urinalysis (Urine Tests)

Other Tests: Ultrasound, Biopsy, X-rays etc.

Renomegaly (Enlarged Kidneys)

Which Tests to Have and Frequency of Testing

Factors that Affect Test Results

Normal Ranges

International and US Measuring Systems



Which Treatments are Essential

Fluid and Urinary Issues (Fluid Retention, Infections, Incontinence, Proteinuria)

Waste Product Regulation (Mouth Ulcers, GI Bleeding, Antioxidants, Adsorbents, Azodyl, Astro's CRF Oil)

Phosphorus, Calcium and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (Calcitriol)

Phosphorus Binders

Steroids, Stem Cell Transplants and Kidney Transplants

Antibiotics and Painkillers

Holistic Treatments (Including Slippery Elm Bark)

ESAs (Aranesp, Epogen etc.) for Severe Anaemia

General Health Issues in a CKD Cat: Fleas, Arthritis, Dementia, Vaccinations

Tips on Medicating Your Cat

Obtaining Supplies Cheaply in the UK, USA and Canada

Working with Your Vet and Recordkeeping



Nutritional Requirements of CKD Cats

The B Vitamins (Including Methylcobalamin)

What to Feed (and What to Avoid)

Persuading Your Cat to Eat

2007 Food Recall USA



Oral Fluids

Intravenous Fluids

Subcutaneous Fluids

Tips on Giving Subcutaneous Fluids

How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids with a Giving Set

How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids with a Syringe

Subcutaneous Fluids - Winning Your Vet's Support




Heart Problems



Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)


Dental Problems





USA Online

USA Local (Fluids)




The Final Hours

Other People's Losses

Coping with Your Loss




Feline CKD Research, Including Participation Opportunities

CKD Research in Other Species

Share This Site: A Notice for Your Vet's Bulletin Board or Your Local Pet Shop

Canine Kidney Disease

Other Illnesses (Cancer, Liver) and Behavioural Problems

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  • I sometimes am asked about other issues in CKD cats, so I'm covering them here.

  • Diseases related to the CKD, including dental problems, pancreatitis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and Heart Problems are covered in Related Diseases.

  • This page covers Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), cancer, liver disease, behavioural problems in cats and handicapped cats.

Feline Lifestages Information


All Lifestages


AAFP/AAHA feline life stage guidelines (2010)

Vogt AH, Rodan I, Brown M, Brown S, Buffington CAT, LaRue Forman MJ, Neilson J & Sparkes A Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 12 pp43-54 gives tips on which tests to run at which age, dental care, weight management and many other issues.


Senior Cat Care


The American Association of Feline Practitioners (2009)

Pittari J, Rodan I, Beekman G, Gunn-Moore D, Polzin D, Taboada J, Tuzio H & Zoran D Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery 11 pp763-778 has guidelines on how to be proactive in caring for a senior cat. It recommends six monthly veterinary check ups.


Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

has information on what to expect as a cat ages.


Aging in cats: common physical and functional changes (2016)

Bellows J, Center S, Daristotle L, Estrada AH, Fickinger EA, Horwitz DF, Lascelles BDX, Lepine A, Perea S, Scherk M & Shoveller AK Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 18 pp533550 discusses the bodily changes that may be seen in aging cats.


Evaluating aging in cats: how to determine what is healthy and what is disease (2016)

Bellows J, Center S, Daristotle L, Estrada AH, Flickinger EA, Horwitz DF, Lascelles BDX, Lepine A, Perea S, Scherk M and Shoveller AK Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 18 pp551570 discusses what to be alert to regarding your cat's health.


The American Veterinary Medical Association

has some information about aging cats. I am a bit mystified that a seven year old cat is considered geriatric, yet is the equivalent of a 54 year old human. Aging in cats: common physical and functional changes (2016) Bellows J, Center S, Daristotle L, Estrada AH, Fickinger EA, Horwitz DF, Lascelles BDX, Lepine A, Perea S, Scherk M & Shoveller AK Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 18 pp533550 suggests:

  • 7-10           mature or middle-aged

  • 11-14         senior

  • 15+            geriatric

which makes more sense to me.


Major Feline Health Issues

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)


This condition is very common in cats. It is usually linked to an imbalance in urine pH, and many of these cats develop struvite crystals. It is not the same thing as a urinary tract infection.


In the worst case, these cats can develop a life-threatening urinary tract blockage, so the cat becomes unable to urinate. This can be fatal, so If you suspect your cat has this problem, you need a vet, NOW! My Harpsie nearly died of this problem so it is a subject close to my heart.


International Cat Care

An overview by the UK feline charity.


Long Beach Animal Hospital

Detailed and helpful information. 


Mar Vista Vet

This page discusses FLUTD.


Mar Vista Vet

This page discusses struvite crystals in particular.


Mar Vista Vet

This page discusses urinary tract blockages.


The Winn Feline Foundation (2015)

Has a good overview of FLUTD from Drs S Little and M Kornya.


The Winn Feline Foundation (2015)

discusses bladder stones and urinary obstructions from Dr M Kornya


Feline lower urinary tract disease (2006)

Sparkes AH Presentation to the 31st World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress has a brief overview of FLUTD.


Feline Cancer


Pet MD

Lists the top ten possible cancer symptoms to watch out for.


2016 AAHA oncology guidelines for dogs and cats

Biller B, Berg J, Garrett L, Ruslander D, Wearing R, Abbott B, Patel M, Smith D & Bryan C Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 52(4) pp181-204 gives the latest guidelines for treating cancer in cats. Please note that chemotherapy is available for cats and they do not normally experience the sort of side effects commonly seen in humans.


Pet Cancer Center

has a lot of information about cancer in cats and dogs.


Vet Info

A number of questions and answers on cancer issues.


Feline Cancer Support Group

For those with a cat with cancer offering advice and support. I used this group when my cat had cancer and found it helpful.



Lymphoma is the most common cancer in cats, but fortunately it is often treatable. Since lymphoma may affect the kidneys, there is more information about lymphoma on the Causes of CKD page.


Feline Lymphoma

Aims to help people with a cat with lymphoma by offering support and information, particularly regarding treatment options.


Feline small cell lymphoma

(2017) Chavkin K Cornell University Veterinary Specialists discusses the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma.


Lymphoma in dogs and cats. what's the latest? (2011)

Krick EL Today's Veterinary Practice Nov/Dec pp16-22 has some helpful information about treatment options.


Mar Vista Vet

Information on symptoms and treatments for lymphoma.


Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Has a clear overview of lymphoma in cats.


Woodstock's story

The story of one cat's battle against lymphosarcoma (kidney cancer).


Feline Lymphoma Support Group

For those with cats with lymphoma.


Feline Small Cell Lymphoma Support Group

For those with a cat with small cell lymphoma. They only accept cats diagnosed with small cell lymphoma.


Liver Disease




International Cat Care

An overview of liver disease by the UK feline charity.


Long Beach Animal Hospital

A good overview of liver disease.



discusses dietary requirements for liver disease.


Feline Liver Disease

A support group for those with a cat with liver problems, offering advice and support.


Hepatitis and Cholangitis/Cholangiohepatitis


Feline cholangitis/cholangiohepatitis syndrome (2015)

Center SA Merck Veterinary Manual discusses cholangiohepatitis.


Cholangitis/cholangiohepatitis syndrome in cats

Ward E VCA Hospitals has an overview.


Update on the diagnosis and management of feline cholangiohepatitis (2003)

A presentation by Stanley Marks to the Waltham Feline Medicine Symposium 2003.


Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

An overview of cholangiohepatitis.


Paralysed and Amputee Cats


Mar Vista Vet

Information on caring for paralysed cats.


Messy Beast

Discusses hind limb paralysis and various types of amputation.


International Cat Care

Information on adapting to life on three legs.


Walkin' Pets

Sells products for handicapped pets.


Eddies Wheels

Sells products for handicapped pets.


Feline Behaviour


General Information


AAHA 2015 canine and feline behavior management guidelines

Hammerle M, Horst C, Levine E, Overall K, Radosta L, Rafter-Ritchie M, Yin S Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 51(4) pp205-221 offers guidelines on the management of feline behaviour.


Feline behavior guidelines from the American Association of Feline Practitioners (2005)

Overall KL, Rodan I, Beaver BV, Carney H, Crowell-Davis S, Hird N, Kudrak S & Wexler-Mitchel E; Panel on Feline Behavior Guidelines; American Association of Feline Practitioners Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 227(1) pp70-84 has information on feline behaviour.


Cats International

A not-for-profit, educational organisation with the goal of helping people understand their cats better. It has many excellent articles.


Cats Health and Behavior

This group is for discussion of general cat health and behaviour. Oh, and I own it.


Introducing a New Cat


Cats International

Lots of good advice on how to introduce cats to your household.


House Soiling


Hilltop Animal Hospital

Excellent information from Dr Karen Overall, a famous US animal behaviourist. 


Hilltop Animal Hospital

A series of other articles with advice on dealing with such problems.


International Cat Care

Discusses the role of stress in spraying and soiling indoors.


AAFP and ISFM guidelines for diagnosing and solving house-soiling behavior in cats (2014)

Carney HC, Sadek TP, Curtis TM, Halls V, Heath S, Hutchison P, Mundschenk K & Westropp JL Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 16 pp579598 aim to help manage and treat and hopefully resolve feline house soiling.


Cats International

Has helpful information about house soiling.


There are more links on this subject here.


Feline Aggression


Cats International

Has a collection of helpful articles about aggression towards people.


Cats International

Also has a collection of helpful articles regarding aggression towards other cats.


"Alarm Clock" Cats - Cats Who Wake at Dawn


Cats International

Explains why cats often wake up early and how to deal with this issue.


Pet Place

Has an article about this problem by Dr Nicholas Dodman.



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