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What Happens in CKD

Causes of CKD

How Bad is It?

Is There Any Hope?

Acute Kidney Injury



Phosphorus Control


(High Blood Pressure)



Potassium Imbalances

Pyelonephritis (Kidney Infections) and Urinary Tract Infections NEW

Metabolic Acidosis

Kidney Stones



Nausea, Vomiting, Appetite Loss and Excess Stomach Acid

Maintaining Hydration

The B Vitamins (Including Methylcobalamin)




Ways of Assessing Food Content, Including What is Dry Matter Analysis

How to Use the Food Data Tables

USA Canned Food Data

USA Dry Food Data

USA Cat Food Brands: Helpfulness Ratings

USA Cat Food Brands: Contact Details

USA Food Data Book



Coping with CKD

Tanya's Support Group

Success Stories



Important: Crashing

Alphabetical List of Symptoms and Treatments

Fluid and Urinary  Imbalances (Dehydration, Overhydration and Urinary Issues)

Waste Product Regulation Imbalances (Vomiting, Appetite Loss, Excess Stomach Acid, Gastro-intestinal Problems, Mouth Ulcers Etc.)

Phosphorus and Calcium Imbalances

Miscellaneous Symptoms (Pain, Hiding Etc.)



Early Detection

Blood Chemistry: Kidney Function, Potassium, Other Tests (ALT, Amylase, (Cholesterol, Etc.)

Calcium, Phosphorus, Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Red and White Blood Cells: Anaemia and Infection

Urinalysis (Urine Tests)

Other Tests: Ultrasound, Biopsy, X-rays etc.

Renomegaly (Enlarged Kidneys)

Which Tests to Have and Frequency of Testing

Factors that Affect Test Results

Normal Ranges

International and US Measuring Systems



Which Treatments are Essential

Fluid and Urinary Issues (Fluid Retention, Infections, Incontinence, Proteinuria)

Waste Product Regulation (Mouth Ulcers, GI Bleeding, Antioxidants, Adsorbents, Azodyl, Astro's CRF Oil)

Phosphorus, Calcium and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (Calcitriol)

Phosphorus Binders

Steroids, Stem Cell Transplants and Kidney Transplants

Antibiotics and Painkillers

Holistic Treatments (Including Slippery Elm Bark)

ESAs (Aranesp, Epogen etc.) for Severe Anaemia

General Health Issues in a CKD Cat: Fleas, Arthritis, Dementia, Vaccinations

Tips on Medicating Your Cat

Obtaining Supplies Cheaply in the UK, USA and Canada

Working with Your Vet and Recordkeeping



Nutritional Requirements of CKD Cats

The B Vitamins (Including Methylcobalamin)

What to Feed (and What to Avoid)

Persuading Your Cat to Eat

2007 Food Recall USA



Oral Fluids

Intravenous Fluids

Subcutaneous Fluids

Tips on Giving Subcutaneous Fluids

How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids with a Giving Set

How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids with a Syringe

Subcutaneous Fluids - Winning Your Vet's Support




Heart Problems



Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)


Dental Problems





USA Online

USA Local (Fluids)




The Final Hours

Other People's Losses

Coping with Your Loss




Feline CKD Research, Including Participation Opportunities

CKD Research in Other Species

Share This Site: A Notice for Your Vet's Bulletin Board or Your Local Pet Shop

Canine Kidney Disease

Other Illnesses (Cancer, Liver) and Behavioural Problems

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My Three CKD Cats: Tanya, Thomas and Ollie

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  • Please read my comments below before you contact me, because it may not be necessary for you to do so, which could save us both some time.

The Name Issue 


I'm afraid this might embarrass some of you, which is not my intention, but I really feel it's time I clarified this.


My name is Helen, not Tanya.


Tanya was my first CKD cat, in whose honour and memory the site was named. I do answer the many e-mails I receive which are addressed to Tanya, but it is kind of strange masquerading as a blue Persian cat.


When to Contact Me

Please do not hesitate to contact me if: 

  • I've got anything wrong (I've tried my best, but I'm not a vet).

  • you would like to say thank you. I love getting thank yous (even ones addressed to Tanya) it makes all the work I put into this site worthwhile. Words are just fine, I don't normally accept financial donations. If you would like to thank me in some other way, please read this.

  • there is something you think I should be including on the site, such as new research. Please do check the site first to see if I already cover it. You can search here.

  • any of the links are broken. I know many of them are broken following the site review, so I'm slowly working my way through them.


Ongoing Support


Unfortunately I am not in a position to offer ongoing assistance. I'm afraid I'm atrociously bad at answering e-mails promptly my priority is to maintain this site and run Tanya's CKD Support Group.


Please feel free to join the group if you need ongoing help, or just want to talk to others who understand it can give you a faster response than I usually offer (you will be very lucky to hear back from me within a week, and I often take a month or more), and can provide ongoing support.


Sometimes people give me a telephone number and ask me to call them. I regret that I am unable to do this, I can't afford the time or the cost of what are usually international phone calls, and since I am not a vet, I cannot diagnose or treat your cat. I don't give out my own phone number for privacy reasons and because I do need to sleep occasionally.


Looking for a UK Vet Who Permits Sub-Qs?


if you are looking for a UK vet who might be able to work with you and allow you to give your cat sub-Qs if appropriate, please join Tanya's CKD Support Group, which I run. I am not always able to respond promptly to e-mails, so this is the quickest way of finding a vet.


In your first post, please state where you are located (your nearest large town or county) and that you are looking for a vet. There are a number of British members who may be able to give you a personal recommendation.


If I am aware of vet in your area, I or one of the group moderators will also contact you privately with details.


If You Think The Food Data Tables Are Wrong


Ah yes, the food data tables. I sometimes here from people who tell me something in the tables is wrong (and some of these people are really quite rude). So far, only three times in 18 months have my correspondents been correct. The others simply misunderstood the basis of the tables, but it takes up a lot of my time answering these e-mails because I have to go and re-check my data and then write an e-mail explaining how I calculated my figures.


So if you think you have found a food which is low in phosphorus, or if you think I've got the wrong data about a food, please be sure that you understand the basis on which my food data tables are calculated before writing to tell me about it.


My tables are calculated on the basis of dry matter analysis (DMA). The labels on the cans in the USA do not provide information on a DMA basis. Therefore that amazing food you've just found which apparently has a phosphorus level of only 0.17% I'm afraid that's not likely to be the case. In fact, in the USA, under AAFCO guidelines a commercial food cannot be labelled as a complete adult food if it contains less than 0.5% phosphorus on a DMA basis. I know it's very complicated! The Food Data Tables page tries to explain all this in an understandable way.


Of course, you might be right! So if you've read how I calculate the data and you still think I'm wrong, please let me know. I hate it when information on the site is not accurate!


Any Questions?

If you want to ask me a question, please do the following before contacting me:

  • remember that I am not a vet and I cannot diagnose or treat your cat.

  • I'm afraid I am not currently able to add any stories to the Other People's Losses or Success Stories pages. I am always happy to read about other people's cats, but I am in the middle of a major site review, so I am not adding to these pages at this time.

  • if you use some kind of challenge/response system (e.g. earthlink, spamarrest), please whitelist my e-mail address before you write to me, because I won't take the time to add myself to your whitelist. I do answer everyone (except spammers) eventually, so if you use one of these systems and I don't appear to have responded, chances are that I have responded but refused to whitelist myself.

  • I get really, really tired of downright rude people sending me e-mails effectively saying things like "tell me this" or "give me this." I know you are stressed, but please remember to use those magic words, please and thank you. Paragraphs are good too. You're not James Joyce, and it's really hard to read a lengthy one paragraph e-mail, let alone find the salient points which require a response. I do answer even rude people eventually, but only because it's not their cat's fault they are rude.

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT: if your cat is very sick, or his/her condition has suddenly worsened, you need to contact a qualified vet immediately. The internet can never be a substitute for a qualified vet who can physically examine and treat a sick cat.

Translation Offers


Thus far I have received offers to translate my website into French, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Chinese and Turkish. Whilst I greatly appreciate these kind offers, I am unfortunately unable to accept these or any other offers of translation. This is for three reasons:

  1. It is extremely important to me to know that any information provided in my name is as accurate as possible. I allowed my site to be translated into German because I am a qualified translator from German and thus am able to judge the accuracy of the translation. I am not able to do this for any other languages, and I therefore cannot permit any other translations.

  1. This site is extraordinarily comprehensive. The English version of the site is now 2000 pages long. This would be a big task even for a professional translator, let alone for an unpaid volunteer.

  1. I usually update this site weekly, sometimes daily. This entails me remembering to send amendments to my German translator, waiting for her response, then checking her amendments are accurate and adding them to the site. This doubles my workload, and having to do this for even more languages would only add further to my workload and stress levels.

Please do not consider translating my site without my knowledge or permission. It is a breach of my copyright to do so. This site is a labour of love for me, a work which I freely make available in two languages to people in need of help. Unauthorised translations, however well-meaning, whether for profit or otherwise, are essentially theft.


Thank you for visiting, and I wish you all the success in the world in helping your cat. .


Please click on the black cat to send me an e-mail.


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I have tried very hard to ensure that the information provided in this website is accurate, but I am NOT a vet, just an ordinary person who has lived through CKD with three cats. This website is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat any cat. Before trying any of the treatments described herein, you MUST consult a qualified veterinarian and obtain professional advice on the correct regimen for your cat and his or her particular requirements; and you should only use any treatments described here with the full knowledge and approval of your vet. No responsibility can be accepted.


If your cat appears to be in pain or distress, do not waste time on the internet, contact your vet immediately.



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This site was created using Microsoft software, and therefore it is best viewed in Internet Explorer. I know it doesn't always display too well in other browsers, but I'm not an IT expert so I'm afraid I don't know how to change that. I would love it to display perfectly everywhere, but my focus is on making the information available. When I get time, I'll try to improve how it displays in other browsers.


This site is a labour of love, from which I do not make a penny. Please do not steal from me by taking credit for my work.

If you wish to link to this site, please feel free to do so. Please make it clear that this is a link and not your own work. I would appreciate being informed of your link.